Kanban Leadership Retreat Freshman

Posted on 06/26/2013

Attending a community-event for the first time can be sometimes very difficult… and due to the fact that I’m neither a KANBAN trainer nor a KANBAN coach (thanks for inviting me even though) I was very curious about this event. Therefore I wanted to listen, learn and go on practicing afterwards.

closing session #klrat

I was really surprised of all the knowledge and experience on one side and the respect for beginners on the other side. During the two and a half days I got valuable insights in the work of experienced community members. Questions and challenges which came up during my daily business were answered, new ones appeared. The difference now is that I got to know a lot of people who don’t hesitate to share their know-how and give support. Additionally I found out that the problems I’m struggling with (e.g. Portfolio-/Program-Management, dependencies, risks, …) are not only my challenges.

Now I’m heading back to Upper Austria and have time to do a kind of “personal retrospective”. My top 3 sessions/topics/insights were the following:

  • sKafe (Scaled Kanban Framework) where – with my background of SAFe – I’d really go on discussing this topic. What I really liked in this context and what might make the difference between sKafe and SAFe is the usage of Jabe Bloom’s ideas.
  • Ideas of Troy Magennis which I’ll try to use for getting rid of time-consuming estimations
  • Change Leadership by Klaus Leopold and Sigi Kaltenecker because this topic appears everywhere and nearly any time in my daily routine.

What else did I like?
Hmmm… the venue, the perfect organization, chatting with others about different topics (surprisingly I was also able to discuss about healthcare informatics with Nader Talai … *g*) and of course, that all the guys liked the Upper Austrian ViaSamBem-Wiski and Honey Whiskey… so I don’t need to carry it home again 😉

Find some impressions here: <#klrat13 pictures>

To sum it up:
It was definitely worth attending… and I with the new insights I’ll go on bothering others with KANBAN-ideas 😉

Finally a reminder if you’re interested to join the Lean & Agile Coffees in Austria:
July 1st, 2013: Vienna
July 4th, 2013: Linz